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Week #8 – 86,400 Seconds and $5 Iron!

A few years ago, I had the awesome experience of playing golf on the historic Black Course at Bethpage Park in New York. The Black Course has been the site of two U.S. Open Championships.

As I played The Black, I had this incredible experience of feeling that each hole being played, was better than the previous hole. Just when I thought it could not get any better, I would play the next wonderful hole.

The MKMMA Course is just like playing golf on Bethpage Black, each week is better than the previous week. Just when I think it cannot possibly get any better, BAM!! I get blown away. Week #8 is just extraordinary.

One of the lessons that seriously moved me this week was the concept that we all get 86,400 seconds in a day. What we do with them is totally up to us, and determined by how we think, and the actions we take.

The example given was of what can be made from a $5 Iron Rod. Some will make horseshoes worth $100, someone else will make $500 worth of needles, another $35,000 of fine cutlery, and still another will make springs for a fine, expensive watch, valued at $750,000.

That analogy just hit me like a ton of bricks upside my head. Michael, what will you do with your 86,400 seconds today? Are you going to continue to make horseshoes, or springs for expensive watches? We all get to choose!

Yesterday, I had the most incredible experience. I was on a Corporate Call on which they announced a new Rewards Trip, a Cruise to Alaska next summer. Over the past 6 1/2 years, I have been on dozens of similar calls, and was never moved to take the business building actions necessary to earn such a trip. Yesterday was different.

As I listened to the call, I was getting fired up and starting taking notes of the details. I felt a fire inside, and an enthusiasm, to get after it and do whatever it takes to qualify. I immediately did a Google search for images of the Cruise Ship, and started printing out pictures. When I arrived home I cut out the pictures and made a Dream Board for the Cruise. Way cool.

Right smack dab in the middle of my Cruise Dream Board I wrote, “86,400” and “$5 Iron.”

Dream a Whopper!


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Week #7 – “Michael, it sounds like you are having fun!”

“Michael, it sounds like you are having fun!” Those were the words of my MKMMA Certified Guide, Carol, last night during a phone conversation.  Yes, Carol, I am having a blast.

I explained that my greatest attribute is Curiosity. I just love to learn new stuff. This MKMMA Course is just tailor-made for me. All of this learning from the Master Key System, to reading the Greatest Salesman in The World,  to the Law of Compensation, to the Law of Giving and Receiving, to the 7 Laws of the Mind, to now learning how to make a Karaoke type recording! Imaging that.

This material just blows my mind, and at times I have to question how some of this excellent material, just loaded with knowledge, and wisdom, has existed for decades, and some even more than a century, and I never heard of it. Just shows how most of the people in my lifetime have mostly thought alike.

Even now, I share what we are learning, and what this journey is all about, and I get rolling of the eyes, or “sounds like a cult!” So……….the 35 people in the building who all think, dress, and act alike, aren’t a “cult”? Explain that one to me.

I am so thankful that I have my curiosity, and it has lead me to this experience, and this point in my life. Just to think that at age 63, I am learning about the human brain, and how to access Infinite Power, or Eternal Energy, is beyond exciting. It was there all along, but nobody ever told me how to access it. Crazy, and sad. I compare it to how all the ingredients to make computers, automobiles, machinery, etc. existed on Earth millions of years ago, but nobody knew how to access it, and use it.

As excited as I am about how my life is changing, I am also sad that so many people could benefit from what we are learning, but they have their limiting beliefs, and opinions.

About those changes. Every week we assign ourselves a chore to be done before the next Sunday Webinar. I started out simple, and have upped the anty every week. It is pretty cool how I had cleaned, and organized, my home office desk, but after, I always still had clutter. I organized my desk a few weeks ago, and threw out lots of clutter that I could not get past previously. The same happened when I did a total cleaning, and organization of the entire office. I took out bags of recyclable paper that I was just holding onto. The biggie was this past week when I did a total makeover of my cluttered garage. No problem this time. I can now live in the garage!!

The only explanation is that my thinking, values, and habits are changing and I am very happy about that.

Dream a Whopper!!



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Week #6 – Linking it all together

Dang. Mark J. and the guides are turning up the heat this week, adding on a few new tasks, and concepts. The two neatest new things are creating what most people would refer to as a “Dream Board”, but it is really a Poster of the movie of our life. What we are doing is taking our DMP, Definite Major Purpose, and putting it in pictures, with the addition of dates, colors, and shapes. Cool stuff. We are turning up the bombardment of ‘subby.’

We also printed out sheets of the four colored shapes – Red Circle, Blue Rectangle, Green Triangle and Yellow Square. To each shape we added SMART Goals from out DMP, with the dates. We have these placed throughout our homes, on the dashboard of our vehicle, and in our workplace, in plain view. Again, bombarding ‘subby.’

Having a little fun with this part. We had to get compass. The compass is symbolic of charting my own course and not following a clock. I went to a Party Store and bought a bag of 12 Compass Pinky Rings. Okay, you got me, it’s not a Pinky Ring, it is a kid’s ring! Pretty cool wearing this ring all day. Some co-workers have questioned what it is, and when I explain, they raise their eyebrows, roll their eyes, or as one said, “Sounds like a cult!” Heck, I believe mediocrity is the largest cult in the world.

Back to the colored shapes. My two PPN’s, Pivotal Personal Needs, are True Health and Liberty. I have linked the Blue Rectangle to True Health, and the Red Circle to Liberty. Now everywhere I go I notice Blue Rectangles on street signs, website tabs, billboards, etc. and Red Circles are red traffic lights, vehicle brake lights, Do Not Enter signs, etc. These are constant reminders of where I am going, and the course I have charted for my life.

Also, this week we started reading Scroll II in the Greatest Salesman in the world. The Principle in this Scroll is LOVE. Powerful, powerful ideas on how we share, and express Love daily in our lives.

This MKMMA course is Da Bomb!

Dream a Big Dream! Better yet, Dream a WHOPPER!


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Week #5 – Compensation, and The Law of Giving and Receiving

The surprises just keep coming. When I applied for a Scholarship to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I had no clue what an incredible journey I was embarking on. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the value, and depth, of The Master Key System, by Charles Haanel, nor did I realize how great a book Og Mandino wrote in The Greatest Salesman in the World, or that I would be reading Ralph Waldo Emerson!

Week #5 has introduced the Law of Giving and Receiving. To get something, we must give something first, without expectation of reciprocity. Give freely everywhere we go, every day.

Love this paragraph from the Essay, Compensation, penned by Emerson:

“All things are doable, one against another. Tit for tat; an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth; blood for blood; measure for measure; love for love. Give and it shall be given to you. He that watereth shall be watered himself. What will you have? quoth God; pay for it and take it. Nothing venture, nothing have. Thou shalt be paid exactly for what thou has done, no more, no less. Who doth not work shall not eat. Harm watch, harm catch. Curses always recoil on the head of him who imprecates them. If you put a chain around a the neck of a slave, the other end fastens itself around your own. Bad counsel confounds the adviser. The Devil is an ass.”

Reading the Master Key this week is off the charts. I cannot possibly put into words all that this lesson entails. There is one paragraph that is in total alignment with my analogy last week of how life is like a buffet, we get to choose what, and how much we take.

Haanel, gives this awesome example of this fine Estate awaiting a claimant:

“All the heir has to do is assert his heirship, take possession, and use the property.”

He continues:

“To gain this Estate, three processes are necessary: You must earnestly desire it. Your must assert your claim. You must take possession.”

The MKMMA has just blown open my mind to all the power that lies within every one of us.

Go stake your claim.





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Week #4 – The Buffet Has An Abundance of Choices

I attended a beautiful wedding this past Saturday, and the dinner was a wonderful buffet. As I observed the many wedding guests getting in the buffet lines, and choosing there selections, it dawned on me how much that buffet is like life, in that there is plenty available for everyone, and we get to choose our portions, or how much we will take.

There were some people who piled their plates high with a serving of everything. Others took smaller portions of only a select few choices, while still others went back for a second, or third serving.

Through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I have become keenly aware that life is exactly like that buffet; there is an abundance of life, physical and non-physical available, and we get to choose how much we will go out and take.  The things that are available, be it Real Estate, Wealth, Physical Conditioning, Healthy Relationships, are all available and we get to select how much we will take, and in what manner.

In the Real World, the things we desire are not pre-assigned to other individuals and not made available to us. The World does not play favorites. Richard Branson, or Donald Trump, do not have great portions assigned to them, while someone else is left out. They went out and took possession of a lifestyle and all that it entails.

What is the difference between those who  go out and forge the life they desire, and those who wallow in self-pity, poverty and doubt? As we are learning in the Master Key Experience, it is as simple as what and how we think, and our daily habits. Our current situations are what they are as a result of our past thoughts, and daily habits. What we think about, we become. If we think the Economy is bad, and there are no  possibilities for advancement, or employment, then there will be no opportunities available to us. The reality is that at the same time, other people, who believe that opportunity is all around us daily, prosper and create wealth. Simply put, they form different daily habits that produce extraordinary results in the exact same world. Control your thinking and control your future.

The Master Key has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of life when I learn to control my thoughts, and create new daily habits. The changes within me are happening daily and it is refreshing to feel the shackles of limited thinking being removed bit by bit. This is one of the most exciting times in my life.

Dream Big Dreams!





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Week #3 – My 29th and Final Job Anniversay, Facing the Future

Today marks my 29th, and Final, Anniversary as Purchasing Manager of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority. The paperwork is submitted, and it is time to move on.

As I reflect, I have had a pretty darn good career, and the Authority has provided the means for me to raise my family, get my kids educated, and made available Health Benefits as well. I have no complaints in that respect, and am thankful for the opportunity, but…………something is missing. Even though I feel a sense of accomplishment, there’s gotta be more.

You see, I did not pick this career. Back in the day I was told that ‘something was available’ and I needed to get a resume together. I did, and in a matter of weeks, I started a new career. A good career, but not one I chose with passion.

But……..something is missing. It was only in the past month that I became fully aware, on a very personal level, what was missing. I have learned, through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience, that most of us live life backwards. We either live life with Intention, or we live a life of Method. Most of us life by Method. What does that mean?

A life of Intention is when someone decides what they want to do in life, and then they go out and develop the Methods to make that desire become reality. An Example would be someone who has a desire to live on the Beach in Malibu, even though it is far beyond their means. They become absolutely obsessed with making it happen, and do not quit until they have acquired the means to fulfill their Dream. They do not limit their desires to the means that are currently available to them at the time. They find a way.

The majority, live a life of Method. A life of Method is when someone builds a life based on the Methods, or means, currently available to them. Every decision as to what kind of house they live in, to the kind of car they drive, to the annual vacation they take, is based upon how much money they currently have, or expect to have. That is living life backwards as the Methods determine the Intentions.  For 45 years I have lived life backwards.

Thanks to the MKMMA Experience, the teachings of Charles Haanel, Og Mandino, Joshua, and Mark J., and his staff, I have been awakened, and from this point forward, I am living a life of Intention. I am not planning on just getting by in my Senior years, as many do. I am going after my  dreams, many of which have been buried for decades.

You may be wondering, who is Joshua. Joshua is my favorite character in the Bible. Joshua was 60 years old when he lead Israel to the Promised Land. After Joshua, and Israel, crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, Joshua and his men of war, spent the next 3 1/2 years doing hand to hand battle to destroy all the inhabitants of the land. Joshua worked his butt off to take possession of what God had given him. Then Joshua lived the next 46 years enjoying the Promised Land.

Similar to  Joshua, I have arrived at my Promised Land at 63 years young, and I am prepared to go to war for the next several years so I can enjoy living my life with Intention. I have big dreams, and it is time they come true. It is not time to slow down, but to step it up.

Thanks to Mark J., and his staff, for sharing the Master Key System, and awakening me to the possibilities of living a fantastic, wonderful life of Intention.

Dream Big Dreams!


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